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ReportsWhere filedReview of state publicationsDuties of agency head with respect to publicationsGuidelines for publicationsDirector's duties.

(1) Any annual, biennial, or special report required to be made by any state officer, board, agency, department, commissioner, regents, trustees, or institution to the governor or to the legislature may be typewritten and a copy shall be filed with the governor, or the governor's designee, and the legislature as the law may require. An additional copy shall be filed with the state library as a public record.
(2) The director or the director's designee may selectively review state publications in order to determine if specific state publications are economically and effectively contributing to the accomplishment of state agency program objectives. The director or the director's designee shall provide general guidelines as to the number of copies to be printed for use or distribution by the issuing agency and any public or other distribution under chapter 40.06 RCW as now or hereafter amended, or other applicable directives.
(3) No agency head shall recommend a state publication for printing and distribution, other than those required by law, unless the benefits from the publication and distribution thereof to the citizens and taxpayers of this state clearly exceed the costs of preparation, printing, and distribution.
(4) The director, after consultation with affected agencies, shall prepare and publish guidelines for use by state agencies in determining and evaluating the benefits and costs of current and proposed state publications. All state agencies shall evaluate each new state publication they propose and shall annually evaluate each continuing state publication they produce in accordance with the guidelines published by the director.
(5) The director shall, after consultation with affected state agencies, also provide by general rules and regulations for overall control of the quality of the printing of state publications. Necessary publications are to be prepared and printed in the most economic manner consistent with effectiveness and achievement of program objectives.
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