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Interest on unpaid public contractsExceptions.

RCW 39.76.011 does not apply to the following:
(1) Interagency or intergovernmental transactions;
(2) Amounts payable to employees or prospective employees of state agencies or local governmental units as reimbursement for expenses;
(3) Belated claims for any time of delinquency after July 31 following the second year of the fiscal biennium;
(4) Claims subject to a good faith dispute, when before the date of timely payment, notice of the dispute is:
(a) Sent by certified mail;
(b) Personally delivered; or
(c) Sent in accordance with procedures in the contract;
(5) Delinquencies due to natural disasters, disruptions in postal or delivery service, work stoppages due to labor disputes, power failures, or any other cause resulting from circumstances clearly beyond the control of the unit of local government or state agency;
(6) Contracts entered before July 26, 1981; and
(7) Payment from any retirement system listed in RCW 41.50.030 and chapter 41.24 RCW.
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