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Loss in a public depositaryProcedure for payment.

When the commission determines that a loss has occurred in a public depositary, it shall as soon as possible make payment to the proper public officers of all funds subject to such loss, pursuant to the following procedures:
(1) For the purposes of determining the sums to be paid, the director of the department of financial institutions or the receiver shall, within twenty days after issuance of a restraining order or taking possession of any public depositary, ascertain the amount of public funds on deposit therein as disclosed by its records and the amount thereof covered by deposit insurance and provide written verification of the amounts thereof to the commission and each public depositor;
(2) Within ten days after receipt of written verification, each public depositor shall furnish to the commission verified statements of its deposits in the public depositary, including the uninsured and uncollateralized status of the public deposits, as disclosed by its records;
(3) Upon receipt of written verification and statements, the commission shall ascertain and fix the amount of the public deposits, net after deduction of any amount received from deposit insurance and held collateral, and, after determining and declaring the apparent net loss, assess the same against all public depositaries, as follows: First, against the public depositary in which the loss occurred, to the extent of the full value of collateral segregated pursuant to this chapter; second, against all other public depositaries pro rata in proportion to the maximum liability of each depositary as it existed on the date of loss;
(4) Assessments made by the commission shall be payable on the second business day following demand, and in case of the failure of any public depositary so to pay, the commission shall take possession of the securities segregated as collateral by the depositary pursuant to this chapter and liquidate the same for the purpose of paying such assessment;
(5) Upon receipt of the assessment payments, the commission shall reimburse the public depositors of the public depositary in which the loss occurred to the extent of the depositary's net deposit liability to them;
(6) Any owner of public deposits receiving assessment proceeds shall provide a receivership certificate to the commission.


Effective date2009 c 9: See note following RCW 39.58.010.
Severability1983 c 66: See note following RCW 39.58.010.
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