Chapter 39.53 RCW



39.53.020Issuance authorizedPurposesSaving to public body, criteria.
39.53.030Refunding bonds may be exchanged for bonds to be refunded or sold.
39.53.040What bonds may be refundedRefunding plansRedemption of refunding bonds.
39.53.045Bonds payable from special assessmentsNot subject to refunding.
39.53.050Refunding bonds, principal amountDisposition of reserves held to secure the bonds to be refunded.
39.53.060Application of proceeds of sale of refunding bonds and other fundsInvestment in government obligationsIncidental expenses.
39.53.070Application of proceeds of sale of refunding bonds and other fundsContracts for safekeeping and applicationUse to pay and secure refunding bondsPledge of revenuesDuty to provide sufficient money to accomplish refunding.
39.53.080Pledge of revenues to payment of refunding bonds when amounts sufficient to pay revenue bonds to be refunded are irrevocably set aside.
39.53.090Annual maturities of general obligation refunding bonds issued to refund voted general obligation bonds.
39.53.100Use of deposit moneys and investments in computing indebtedness.
39.53.110Refunding and other bonds may be issued in combination.
39.53.120Refunding bonds to be issued in accordance with laws applicable to type of bonds to be refundedTransfer of funds to applicable bond retirement account.
39.53.130Amendment of power contracts pursuant to refunding of certain bond issues.
39.53.140Issuance of general obligation refunding bonds to refund general obligation or revenue bonds.
39.53.900Short title.
39.53.910Additional authorityEffect as to other laws.