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ValidationSavings1982 c 216.

All bonds, the issuance of which was authorized or ratified at a general or special election held within the issuing jurisdiction prior to April 3, 1982, or the proposition for the issuance of which will be submitted at such an election pursuant to action of the legislative authority of the issuer taken prior to April 3, 1982, may be sold and issued with an interest rate or rates greater than any interest rate restriction contained in the ballot proposition or ordinance or resolution relating to such authorization or ratification if such bonds are or were sold and issued in accordance with the sale provisions and with an interest rate or rates not greater than those permitted by the applicable provision of *this amendatory act, and any such bonds heretofore sold are declared valid obligations of the issuer. This section shall not apply to bonds having a total value exceeding fifteen million dollars.


*Reviser's note: For codification of "this amendatory act" [1982 c 216], see Codification Tables.
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