Chapter 39.19 RCW



HTMLPDF 39.19.010Intent.
HTMLPDF 39.19.020Definitions.
HTMLPDF 39.19.030Office of minority and women's business enterprisesDirectorPowers and duties.
HTMLPDF 39.19.041Ad hoc advisory committees.
HTMLPDF 39.19.050Standard clauses required in requests for proposals, advertisements, and bids.
HTMLPDF 39.19.060Compliance with public works and procurement goalsPlan to maximize opportunity for minority and women-owned businesses.
HTMLPDF 39.19.070Compliance with goalsBidding procedures.
HTMLPDF 39.19.075Compliance with goalsValuation of goods or services.
HTMLPDF 39.19.080Prohibited activities.
HTMLPDF 39.19.090Compliance with chapter or contractPenaltiesAudit and review unit establishedRemedies.
HTMLPDF 39.19.120Certification of business enterprises.
HTMLPDF 39.19.140Implementation of statewide certification.
HTMLPDF 39.19.150Local government may petition for reconsideration of business certification.
HTMLPDF 39.19.160Local government responsible for monitoring compliance.
HTMLPDF 39.19.170Prequalification of minority and women-owned businessesWaiver of performance bond.
HTMLPDF 39.19.200Minority and women's business enterprises accountCreated.
HTMLPDF 39.19.210Businesses using the officeFees.
HTMLPDF 39.19.220Political subdivisionsFees.
HTMLPDF 39.19.230State agencies and educational institutionsFees.
HTMLPDF 39.19.240Linked deposit programCompilation of informationNotification regarding enterprises no longer certifiedMonitoring loans.
HTMLPDF 39.19.250Participation in contracts by qualified minority and women-owned and controlled businessesDataContact peopleReports.
HTMLPDF 39.19.260SubpoenasApplicationCourt issuanceNotice not required.
HTMLPDF 39.19.270Program for development of women, minority-owned, and veteran-owned licensed driver training schoolsReport.
HTMLPDF 39.19.910Effective dateApplicability1983 c 120.
HTMLPDF 39.19.920SeverabilityConflict with federal requirements1983 c 120.


Minority and women business development office: RCW 43.31.0925.