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Participating in revitalization financingInterlocal agreementImposition of sales and use taxOrdinance to opt outNotice.

(1) A participating local government must enter into an interlocal agreement as provided in chapter 39.34 RCW to participate in local revitalization financing with the sponsoring local government.
(2)(a) If a local government that imposes a sales and use tax under RCW 82.14.030 does not want to participate in the local revitalization financing of public improvements in a revitalization area, its governing body must adopt an ordinance and notify the sponsoring local government that the taxing authority will not be a participating local government.
(b) The local government must provide a copy of the adopted ordinance and the notice to the sponsoring local government creating the revitalization area before the anticipated date that the sponsoring local government proposes to adopt an ordinance creating the revitalization area as provided in the notice required by RCW 39.104.040(1)(a).
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