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Project review committeeCreationMembers.

(1) The board shall establish a project review committee to review and approve public works projects using the design-build and general contractor/construction manager contracting procedures authorized in RCW 39.10.300 and 39.10.340 and to certify public bodies as provided in RCW 39.10.270.
(2) The board shall, by a majority vote of the board, appoint persons to the committee who are knowledgeable in the use of the design-build and general contractor/construction manager contracting procedures. Appointments must represent a balance among the industries and public owners on the board listed in RCW 39.10.220.
(a) Each member of the committee shall be appointed for a term of three years. However, for initial appointments, the board shall stagger the appointment of committee members so that the first members are appointed to serve terms of one, two, or three years from the date of appointment. Appointees may be reappointed to serve more than one term.
(b) The committee shall, by a majority vote, elect a chair and vice chair for the committee.
(c) The committee chair may select a person or persons on a temporary basis as a nonvoting member if project specific expertise is needed to assist in a review.
(3) The chair of the committee, in consultation with the vice chair, may appoint one or more panels of at least six committee members to carry out the duties of the committee. Each panel shall have balanced representation of the private and public sector representatives serving on the committee.
(4) Any member of the committee directly or indirectly affiliated with a submittal before the committee must recuse himself or herself from the committee consideration of that submittal.
(5) Any person who sits on the committee or panel is not precluded from subsequently bidding on or participating in projects that have been reviewed by the committee.
(6) The committee shall meet as often as necessary to ensure that certification and approvals are completed in a timely manner.


Sunset Act application: See note following chapter digest.
Effective date2013 c 222: See note following RCW 39.10.210.
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