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Contracts with unregistered or unlicensed contractors and with other violators prohibited.

No agency of the state or any of its political subdivisions may execute a contract:
(1) With any contractor who is not registered or licensed as may be required by the laws of this state other than contractors on highway projects who have been prequalified as required by RCW 47.28.070, with the department of transportation to perform highway construction, reconstruction, or maintenance; or
(2) For two years from the date that a violation is finally determined, with any person or entity who has been determined by the respective administering agency to have violated RCW 50.12.070(1)(b), 51.16.070(1)(b), or * 82.32.070(1)(b). During this two-year period, the person or entity may not be permitted to bid, or have a bid considered, on any public works contract.


*Reviser's note: RCW 82.32.070 was amended by 1999 c 358 § 14, changing subsection (1)(b) to subsection (2).
Construction building permitsCities, towns or counties prohibited from issuing without verification of registration: RCW 18.27.110.
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