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Reimbursement for assistance provided.

(1) A requesting member jurisdiction shall reimburse a responding member jurisdiction for the true and full value of all assistance provided under this chapter. However, if authorized by law, a responding member jurisdiction may donate assistance provided under this chapter to a requesting member jurisdiction.
(2) If a dispute regarding reimbursement arises between member jurisdictions, the member jurisdiction asserting the dispute shall provide written notice to the other identifying the reimbursement issues in dispute. If the dispute is not resolved within ninety days after receipt of the dispute notice by the other party, either party to the dispute may invoke binding arbitration to resolve the reimbursement dispute by giving written notice to the other party. Within thirty days after receipt of the notice invoking binding arbitration, each party shall furnish the other a list of acceptable arbitrators. The parties shall select an arbitrator; failing to agree on an arbitrator, each party shall select one arbitrator and the two arbitrators shall select a third arbitrator for an arbitration panel. Costs of the arbitration, including compensation for the arbitrator's services, must be borne equally by the parties participating in the arbitration and each party bears its own costs and expenses, including legal fees and witness expenses, in connection with the arbitration proceeding.
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