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Member jurisdiction may request assistance from other member jurisdictionsProvisions.

A member jurisdiction may request assistance from other member jurisdictions under the intrastate mutual aid system for response, mitigation, or recovery activities related to an emergency, or to participate in drills or exercises in preparation for an emergency, subject to each of the following provisions:
(1) Prior to requesting assistance, a requesting member jurisdiction must: (a) Have determined an emergency exists within its territorial limits consistent with applicable law, rule, regulation, code, ordinance, resolution, or other applicable legal authority; or (b) anticipate undertaking drills or exercises in preparation for an emergency.
(2) The chief executive officer of a requesting member jurisdiction, or authorized designee, must request assistance directly from the chief executive officer, or authorized designee, of another member jurisdiction. If this request is verbal, it must be confirmed in writing within thirty days after the date of the request.
(3) A responding member jurisdiction may withhold or withdraw requested assistance at any time and for any reason, in its sole discretion.
(4) A responding member jurisdiction shall designate in writing all assistance it provides to a requesting member jurisdiction at the time provided consistent with the guidelines and procedures developed by the intrastate mutual aid committee, and deliver copies of this documentation to the requesting member jurisdiction within thirty days after the assistance is provided.
(5) The requesting member jurisdiction only has operational control of assistance provided under this chapter, which may not interfere with a responding member jurisdiction's right to withdraw assistance.
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