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911 advisory committeeAnnual legislative updateModernizationPublic safety answering points.

(1) Annually, the 911 advisory committee must provide an update on the status of 911 service in the state to the appropriate committees in the legislature. The update must include progress by the state 911 coordination office and the counties towards continual growth and maintenance of a 911 emergency communications system with greater efficiencies in 911 operations including, but not limited to, regionalization of facilities, centralization of equipment, statewide purchasing, strategic plan performance, and fiscal health of the 911 emergency communications system.
(2) To assist with modernization of the 911 emergency communications system, all counties operating public safety answering points in Washington state, with the exception of tribal nations, must assist the 911 advisory committee to update the legislature annually within the requirements of *RCW 38.52.520(8) by providing annual public safety answering point expenditure reports and additional information as necessary requested by the state 911 coordinator's office.
(3) To assist with modernization of the 911 emergency communications system, public safety answering points providing service in multiple counties shall report to the county where they are physically located. Public safety answering points providing services outside of Washington state borders shall limit reporting to those areas within the boundaries of Washington state. Counties receiving services from a public safety answering point outside of Washington state must report the cost of services into their county.


*Reviser's note: RCW 38.52.520 was amended by 2022 c 286 § 6 and 2022 c 203 § 9, changing subsection (8) to subsection (9).
Modernization of statewide 911 emergency communications system2022 c 203: See note following RCW 38.52.010.
Effective dates2010 1st sp.s. c 19: See note following RCW 82.14B.010.
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