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Statewide 911 emergency serviceAutomatic location identificationRules.

The adjutant general shall establish rules on minimum information requirements of automatic location identification for the purposes of 911 emergency service. Such rules shall permit the chief of a local fire department or a chief fire protection officer or such other person as may be designated by the governing body of a city or county to take into consideration local circumstances when approving the accuracy of location information generated when calls are made to 911 from facilities within his or her service area.


Modernization of statewide 911 emergency communications system2022 c 203: See note following RCW 38.52.010.
Findings1999 c 24: "The legislature finds that the citizens of the state increasingly rely on the dependability of enhanced 911, a system that allows the person answering an emergency call to determine the location of the emergency immediately without the caller needing to speak. The legislature further finds that the degree of accuracy of the displayed information must be adequate to permit rapid location of the caller while taking into consideration variables specific to local conditions. The legislature further finds that it is appropriate that rules permitting local fire agencies to evaluate and approve the accuracy of location information relating to their service areas be adopted." [ 1999 c 24 s 1.]
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