Chapter 38.40 RCW



38.40.010Liability of officers and enlisted persons on duty.
38.40.020Not liable for exercise of judgment.
38.40.025Liability of state for federal activities.
38.40.030Compensation for death or disability.
38.40.040Interference with employmentPenalty.
38.40.050Discharge from employmentPenalty.
38.40.060Military leave for public employees.
38.40.100Notice for duty.
38.40.110Employment or membership in other organizationsDiscrimination prohibitedPenaltyCivil cause of action.
38.40.120Authorized military organizations.
38.40.130Corporations may be formed.
38.40.150Property to remain public property.
38.40.200Military department capital account.
38.40.210Military department rental and lease account.
38.40.220Military department active state service account.
38.40.230Purple heart stateSignageAccount.


Acknowledgments and powers of attorney: Chapter 73.20 RCW.
Acquisitions of lands for permanent military installations: Chapter 37.16 RCW.
Common carriersSpecial exceptions on carriage of property, government freight, etc.: RCW 81.28.080.
Eminent domain
condemnation for military purposes: RCW 8.04.170, 8.04.180.
notice where military land is involved: RCW 8.28.030.
proof of missing in action, capture by enemy, etc.: RCW 5.40.030.
written finding of presumed death as prima facie evidence: RCW 5.40.020.
Federal areas and jurisdiction: Title 37 RCW.
Gas bombs: RCW 70.74.310.
Joint armory sites: RCW 36.64.050.
JuriesPersons exempt: RCW 2.36.080.
Mental illness hospitalization
authority over patientFederal agencies, private establishments: RCW 71.02.490.
commitment to veterans administration or other federal agencyGeneral provision: RCW 73.36.165.
privilege from arrest: State Constitution Art. 10 § 5.
soldiers' home: State Constitution Art. 10 § 3.
Personal exemptionsPension money exempt: RCW 6.15.020.
Residence, contingencies affecting: State Constitution Art. 6 § 4.
Soldiers' and veterans' homes and veterans' cemetery: Chapter 72.36 RCW.
Statute of limitations tolledAs to person in military service of United States: RCW 4.16.220.
Tidelands and shorelands grants to United States: RCW 79.125.760 through 79.125.790.
Unlawful firearmsException: RCW 9.41.190.
Veterans and veterans' affairs: Title 73 RCW.
Veterans' rehabilitation council: Chapter 43.61 RCW.
Voter, when privileged from military duty: State Constitution Art. 6 § 5.