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[Art. 136] Authority to administer oaths.

(1) The following members of the organized militia may administer oaths for the purposes of military administration, including military justice, and affidavits may be taken for those purposes before persons having the general powers of a notary public:
(a) The state judge advocate and all assistant state judge advocates;
(b) All law specialists or paralegals;
(c) All summary courts-martial;
(d) All adjutants, assistant adjutants, acting adjutants, and personnel adjutants;
(e) The military judge, president, trial counsel, and assistant trial counsel for all general and special courts-martial;
(f) The president and the counsel for the court of any court of inquiry;
(g) All officers designated to take a deposition;
(h) All commanding officers of units of the organized militia;
(i) All officers of the organized militia designated as recruiting officers;
(j) All persons detailed to conduct an investigation; and
(k) All other persons designated by regulations of the adjutant general.
(2) The signature without seal of any such person, together with the title of the person's office, is prima facie evidence of the person's authority.
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