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Authority of commanding officer.

(1) The commanding officer at any drill, parade, encampment or other duty may place in arrest for the time of such drill, parade, encampment or other duty any person or persons who shall trespass on the camp grounds, parade grounds, rifle range or armory, or in any way or manner interrupt or molest the orderly discharge of duty of those on duty, or who shall disturb or prevent the passage of troops going to or returning from any regularly ordered tour of duty; and may prohibit and prevent the sale or use of all spirituous liquors, wines, ale or beer, or holding of huckster or auction sales, and all gambling therein, and remove disorderly persons beyond the limits of such parade or encampment, or within a distance of two miles therefrom, and the commanding officer shall have full authority to abate as common nuisances all disorderly places, and bar all unauthorized sales within such limits.
(2) Any person violating this section, or any order issued in pursuance thereof, is guilty of a misdemeanor and upon conviction shall be fined not more than one hundred dollars, or imprisoned not more than thirty days, or both such fine and imprisonment.
(3) No license or renewal thereof shall be issued or granted to any person, firm or corporation for the sale of intoxicating or spirituous liquors within a distance of three hundred feet from any armory used by the state of Washington for military purposes, without the approval of the adjutant general.


IntentEffective date2003 c 53: See notes following RCW 2.48.180.
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