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Powers and duties.

The adjutant general shall:
(1) Subject to the orders of the commander-in-chief, command the Washington national guard and recruit, train, maintain, and administer the organized militia of the state of Washington.
(2) Supervise the preparation and submission of any records required by the federal government, the governor, or as otherwise required by law.
(3) Maintain records of the organized militia and state military department as required by law. The adjutant general shall deposit records with the state archivist for historical purposes.
(4) Cause to be published and distributed to the organized militia at state expense necessary documents or publications, to include the Washington code of military justice.
(5) Keep just and true accounts of all moneys received and disbursed by the military department.
(6) Attest all commissions issued to military officers of this state.
(7) Be the custodian of the seal of the office of adjutant general and deliver the same to his or her successor. All orders issued from the office of the adjutant general shall be authenticated with the seal. Orders or records under the seal shall be prima facie proof of certification or authenticity.
(8) Promulgate in orders such regulations pertaining to the operation and function of the state military department and organized militia, as in his or her opinion the conditions demand.
(9) Attend to the care, preservation, safekeeping, and repairing of all military property belonging to the state, or issued to the state by the United States for military purposes. Any property of the state military department which, after proper inspection, is found unsuitable or no longer needed for use of the organized militia shall be disposed of in such manner as the governor shall direct and the proceeds thereof used for replacements in kind or by other needed authorized military supplies, and the adjutant general may execute the necessary instruments of conveyance to effect such sale or disposal.
(10) Issue the military property as the necessity of service requires and make purchases for that purpose.
(11) Be the custodian of all military relics, trophies, colors, and histories now in possession of, or which may be acquired by, the state.
(12) Keep a record of all real property owned or used by the state for military purposes, and in connection therewith he or she shall have sole power to execute all leases to acquire the use of real property by the state for military purposes, or lease it to other agencies for use for authorized activities. The adjutant general shall also have full power to execute and grant easements for rights-of-way for construction, operation, and maintenance of utility service, water, sewage, and drainage for such realty.
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