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Determination of inactive special purpose districtsPublic hearingNotice.

(1) Upon receipt of notice from the county auditor as provided in RCW 36.96.020, the county legislative authority within whose boundaries all or the greatest portion of such special purpose district lies shall hold one or more public hearings on or before September 1st of the same year to determine whether or not such special purpose district or districts meet any of the criteria for being "inactive" as provided in RCW 36.96.010. In addition, at any time a county legislative authority may hold hearings on the dissolution of any special purpose district that appears to meet the criteria of being "inactive" and dissolve such a district pursuant to the proceedings provided for in RCW 36.96.030 through 36.96.080.
(2) Notice of such public hearings shall be given by publication at least once each week for not less than three successive weeks in a newspaper that is in general circulation within the boundaries of the special purpose district or districts. Notice of such hearings shall also be mailed to each member of the governing authority of such special purpose districts, if such members are known, and to all persons known to have claims against any of the special purpose districts. Notice of such public hearings shall be posted in at least three conspicuous places within the boundaries of each special purpose district that is a subject of such hearings. Whenever a county legislative authority that is conducting such a public hearing on the dissolution of one or more of a particular kind of special purpose district is aware of the existence of an association of such special purpose districts, it shall also mail notice of the hearing to the association. In addition, whenever a special purpose district that lies in more than one county is a subject of such a public hearing, notice shall also be mailed to the legislative authorities of all other counties within whose boundaries the special purpose district lies. All notices shall state the purpose, time, and place of such hearings, and that all interested persons may appear and be heard.
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