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Comprehensive data processing use planUtilization of equipment.

Services departments created pursuant to this chapter shall initially draw a comprehensive data processing use plan. It shall establish levels of service to be performed by the department and shall establish levels of service required by using agencies. Before proceeding with purchase, lease or acquisition of the data processing equipment, the comprehensive data processing use plan shall be adopted by the board.
When established by the board, the services department may perform the service functions relating to accounting, recordkeeping, and micro-copy by the utilization of automatic data processing and micro-copy equipment.
In relation to said equipment the services department shall perform any ministerial services authorized by the board and requested by the various officers and departments of the county. In this connection, it is the intent of this chapter that the services department be authorized to utilize such equipment to the highest degree consistent with the purposes of this chapter and not inconsistent with constitutional powers and duties of such officers.
The services department is also authorized to utilize such equipment for the purpose of problem solving when such problem solving is of a ministerial rather than a discretionary nature.
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