Chapter 36.86 RCW



HTMLPDF 36.86.010Standard width of right-of-way prescribed.
HTMLPDF 36.86.020Minimum standards of construction.
HTMLPDF 36.86.030Amendment of standardsFiling.
HTMLPDF 36.86.040Uniform standard for signs, signals, guidepostsRailroad grade crossings.
HTMLPDF 36.86.050Monuments at government survey corners.
HTMLPDF 36.86.060Restrictions on use of oil at intersections or entrances to county roads.
HTMLPDF 36.86.070Classification of roads in accordance with designations under federal functional classification system.
HTMLPDF 36.86.080Application of design standards to construction and reconstruction.
HTMLPDF 36.86.090Logs dumped on right-of-wayRemovalConfiscation.
HTMLPDF 36.86.100Railroad grade crossingsObstructions.