Chapter 36.79 RCW



36.79.020Rural arterial trust account.
36.79.030Apportionment of rural arterial trust account fundsRegions established.
36.79.040Apportionment of rural arterial trust account fundsApportionment formula.
36.79.050Apportionment of rural arterial trust account fundsEstablishment of apportionment percentages.
36.79.060Powers and duties of board.
36.79.070Board may contract with department of transportation for staff services and facilities.
36.79.080Six-year program for rural arterial improvementsSelection of priority improvement projects.
36.79.090Six-year program for rural arterial improvementsReview and revision by board.
36.79.100Rural arterial improvementsCoordination with municipal and state projects.
36.79.110Coordination of transportation improvement board and county road administration board.
36.79.120Rural arterial trust accountMatching funds.
36.79.130Recommended budget for expenditures from rural arterial trust account.
36.79.140Expenditures from rural arterial trust accountApproval by board.
36.79.150Allocation of funds to rural arterial projectsSubsequent application for increased allocationWithholding of funds for noncompliance.
36.79.160Payment of rural arterial trust account funds.
36.79.170County may appeal decision of boardHearing.
36.79.901Effective date1983 1st ex.s. c 49.