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Conditional certificates.

Whenever the board finds that a county has failed to submit the reports required by RCW 36.78.090, or has failed to comply with provisions of law relating to county road administration or has failed to meet the standards of good practice as formulated and adopted by the board, the board may in lieu of withholding or revoking a certificate of good practice issue and transmit to the state treasurer on behalf of such county a conditional certificate which will authorize the continued distribution to such county all or a designated portion of its share of motor vehicle fuel taxes. The issuance of such a conditional certificate shall be upon terms and conditions as shall be deemed by the board to be appropriate. In the event a county on whose behalf a conditional certificate is issued fails to comply with the terms and conditions of such certificate, the board may forthwith cancel or modify such certificate notifying the state treasurer thereof. In such case the state treasurer shall thereafter withhold from such county all or the designated portion of its share of the motor vehicle fuel taxes as provided in RCW 36.78.090.
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