Chapter 36.75 RCW



36.75.020County roadsCounty legislative authority as agent of stateStandards.
36.75.030State and county cooperation.
36.75.035County may fund improvements to state highways.
36.75.040Powers of county commissioners.
36.75.050PowersHow exercised.
36.75.060County road districts.
36.75.065Community revitalization financingPublic improvements.
36.75.070Highways worked seven years are county roads.
36.75.080Highways used ten years are county roads.
36.75.090Abandoned state highways.
36.75.100Informalities not fatal.
36.75.110True locations to be determinedSurvey.
36.75.120Action to determine true location.
36.75.130Approaches to county roadsRules regarding constructionPenalty.
36.75.160Power of county commissioners as to roads, bridges, and other structures crossing boundary lines.
36.75.170Power of county commissioners as to roads, bridges, and other structures crossing boundary linesResolution to acquire or construct.
36.75.180Power of county commissioners as to roads, bridges, and other structures crossing boundary linesFreeholders' petition to acquire or construct.
36.75.190Engineer's reportHearingOrder.
36.75.200Bridges on city or town streets.
36.75.203Responsibility of city to maintain county road forming a municipal boundary.
36.75.205Street as extension of road in town of less than one thousand.
36.75.207Agreements for planning, establishment, construction, and maintenance of city streets by countiesUse of county road fundPayment by cityContracts, bids.
36.75.210Roads crossing boundaries.
36.75.220Connecting road across segment of third county.
36.75.230Acquisition of land under RCW 36.75.210 and 36.75.220.
36.75.240Sidewalks and pedestrian paths or walksBicycle paths, lanes, routes, and roadwaysStandards.
36.75.243Curb ramps for persons with physical disabilities.
36.75.250State may intervene if maintenance neglected.
36.75.255Street improvementsProvision of supplies or materials.
36.75.260Annual report to secretary of transportation.
36.75.270Limitation of type or weight of vehicles authorizedPenalty.
36.75.280Centralized repair and storage of machinery, equipment, supplies, etc.
36.75.290General penalty.
36.75.300Primitive roadsClassification and designation.


Bridges across navigable waters: Chapter 88.28 RCW.
Cities and towns
annexation of unincorporated areas, disposition of road district taxes: RCW 35.13.270.
disincorporation, effect on streets: RCW 35.07.110.
incorporation, disposition of uncollected road district taxes: RCW 35.02.140.
Classification of highways, county roads: RCW 47.04.020.
Contracts for street, road, and highway projects: Chapter 35.72 RCW.
County roads
construction or maintenance of, cooperative agreements, prevention or minimization of flood damages: RCW 47.28.140.
defined for highway purposes: RCW 47.04.010(9).
defined for motor vehicle purposes: RCW 46.04.150.
designation as arterial: RCW 46.61.195.
federal funds for, state to match: RCW 47.08.020.
federal grants to, department of transportation to administer: RCW 47.04.060, 47.04.070.
may be selected as state highway route: RCW 47.28.010.
projects by department of transportation, funds set aside: RCW 47.08.080.
state participation in building: RCW 47.04.080.
title to rights-of-way vested in state: RCW 47.04.040.
Department of transportation and transportation improvement board to coordinate long range needs studies: RCW 47.01.240.
Destroying native flora near county roads unlawful: RCW 47.40.080.
Dikes along public road, diking districts by: RCW 85.05.250.
Diking, drainage, and sewerage improvement districts
benefits to roads, costs: RCW 85.08.370.
crossing roads, procedure: RCW 85.08.340.
Diking, drainage district benefits to roads, how paid: RCW 85.07.040, 85.07.050.
Diking and drainage intercounty districts, counties to contribute for benefits to roads and bridges by: RCW 85.24.240.
Drainage ditches along roads by drainage improvement district: RCW 85.08.385.
Flood control districts (1937 act), crossing county roads, procedure: RCW 86.09.229.
Glass bottles thrown along county roads, collection and removal: RCW 47.40.090.
Highway advertising control act
county information signs allowed under: RCW 47.42.050.
not to supersede county ordinance: RCW 47.42.070.
Labor on, maximum hours of prescribed: Chapter 49.28 RCW.
Limited access facilities: Chapter 47.52 RCW.
Local adopt-a-highway programs: RCW 47.40.105.
Motor vehicles, maximum weight, size, speed in traversing bridges, tunnels, etc.: RCW 46.61.450.
Public lands
rights-of-way over for county bridges, trestles, across waterways, tide or shore lands: RCW 79.110.120.
rights-of-way over for roads, county wharves: RCW 79.36.440.
sale of road materials on to counties: RCW 79.15.320.
Public works contracts, reserve from amount due contractors to cover lien for labor, material or taxes: Chapter 60.28 RCW.
Railroad grade crossings, county participation in grant, duty to maintain: Chapter 81.53 RCW.
Reclamation districts of one million acres benefit to public roads, procedure: RCW 89.30.181.
Right to back and hold waters over county roads: RCW 90.28.010, 90.28.020.
Speeds, maximums on county roads: RCW 46.61.415.
State cooperation in building roads, bridges, etc.: RCW 47.04.080.
Street railways, may cross public road: RCW 81.64.030.
Telecommunications companies, use of county roads, how: RCW 80.36.040.
Title to rights-of-way in county roads vested in state: RCW 47.04.040.
Toll bridges
ferry crossings not to infringe existing franchises: RCW 47.60.120.
state given right-of-way through county roads: RCW 47.56.100.
Toll roads, bridges, and ferries of state, sale or lease of unneeded property to county: RCW 47.56.253.