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Resolution ordering electionElection procedureFormation.

(1) Upon making findings under the provisions of RCW 36.68.460, the county legislative authority shall, by resolution, order an election of the voters of the proposed park and recreation service area to determine if the service area shall be formed. The county legislative authority shall in their resolution direct the county auditor to set the election to be held at the next general election or at a special election held for such purpose; describe the purposes of the proposed service area; set forth the estimated cost of any initial improvements or services to be financed by the service area should it be formed; describe the method of financing the initial improvements or services described in the resolution or petition; and order that notice of election be published in a newspaper of general circulation in the county at least twice prior to the election date.
(2) A proposition to form a park and recreation service area shall be submitted to the voters of the proposed service area. Upon approval by a majority of the voters voting on the proposition, a park and recreation service area shall be established. The proposition submitted to the voters by the county auditor on the ballot shall be in substantially the following form:
Shall a park and recreation service area be established for the area described in a resolution of the legislative authority of . . . . . . county, adopted on the . . . . day of . . . . . . (year) . . . ., to provide financing for neighborhood park facilities, improvements, and services?
Yes . . . . . .
No . . . . . .


Severability1981 c 210: See note following RCW 36.68.400.
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