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Form of ordinance.

The ordinance levying and fixing the tax shall be headed by a title expressing the subject thereof, and the style of the ordinance shall be: "Be it ordained by the Board of County Commissioners of . . . . . . County, State of Washington." The ordinance shall be enacted by a majority vote of the board at a regular meeting thereof, and only after the form of such ordinance as ultimately enacted has been on file with the clerk of the board and open to public inspection for not less than ten days. The ordinance shall not become effective until thirty days following its enactment, and within five days following its enactment it shall be printed and published in a newspaper of general circulation in the county. The ordinance shall be signed by a majority of the board, attested by the clerk of the board, and shall be duly entered and recorded in the book wherein orders of the board are entered and recorded. The ordinance may be at any time amended or repealed by an ordinance enacted, published, and recorded in the same manner.
[ 1963 c 4 § 36.38.030. Prior: 1943 c 269 § 2; Rem. Supp. 1943 § 11241-11.]
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