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Use of fee revenues.

Aquifer protection areas may impose fees to fund:
(1) The preparation of a comprehensive plan to protect, preserve, and rehabilitate subterranean water, including groundwater management programs adopted under chapter 90.44 RCW. This plan may be prepared as a portion of a county sewerage and/or water general plan pursuant to RCW 36.94.030;
(2) The construction of facilities for: (a) The removal of waterborne pollution; (b) water quality improvement; (c) sanitary sewage collection, disposal, and treatment; (d) stormwater or surface water drainage collection, disposal, and treatment; and (e) the construction of public water systems;
(3) The proportionate reduction of special assessments imposed by a county, city, town, or special district in the aquifer protection area for any of the facilities described in subsection (2) of this section;
(4) The costs of monitoring and inspecting on-site sewage disposal systems or community sewage disposal systems for compliance with applicable standards and rules, and for enforcing compliance with these applicable standards and rules in aquifer protection areas created after June 9, 1988; and
(5) The costs of: (a) Monitoring the quality and quantity of subterranean water and analyzing data that is collected; (b) ongoing implementation of the comprehensive plan developed under subsection (1) of this section; (c) enforcing compliance with standards and rules relating to the quality and quantity of subterranean waters; and (d) public education relating to protecting, preserving, and enhancing subterranean waters.
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