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Appeals from board's action.

Any person may appeal to the superior court from any decision or order of the board of county commissioners. Such appeal shall be taken within twenty days after the decision or order, and the appellant shall within that time serve notice of appeal on the county commissioners. The notice shall be in writing and shall be delivered to at least one of the county commissioners personally, or left with the county auditor. The appellant shall, within ten days after service of the notice of appeal give a bond to the county with one or more sureties, to be approved by the county auditor, conditioned for the payment of all costs which shall be adjudged against him or her on such appeal in the superior court. The practice regulating appeals from and writs of certiorari to justice's courts shall, insofar as applicable, govern in matters of appeal from a decision or order of the board of county commissioners.
Nothing herein contained shall be construed to prevent a party having a claim against any county in this state from enforcing the collection thereof by civil action in any court of competent jurisdiction after the same has been presented to and filed as provided by law and disallowed in whole or in part by the board of county commissioners of the proper county. Such action must, however, be commenced within the time limitation provided in *RCW 36.45.030.


*Reviser's note: RCW 36.45.030 was repealed by 1993 c 449 § 13.
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