Chapter 36.23 RCW



36.23.020New bond may be required.
36.23.030Records to be kept.
36.23.040Custody and delivery of records.
36.23.065Destruction and reproduction of court recordsDestruction of receipts for expenses under probate proceedings.
36.23.067Reproduced court records have same force and effect as original.
36.23.070Destruction of court exhibitsPreservation for historical purposes.
36.23.080Office at county seat.
36.23.090Search for birth parentsCounty clerk's duty.
36.23.100Electronic payment of court fees and other financial obligationsAuthorized.
36.23.110Legal financial obligationsReport on collections.


Civil actions, generally, clerk's duties: Title 4 RCW.
County clerk
as clerk of superior court: State Constitution Art. 4 § 26.
not to practice law: RCW 2.32.090.
powers and duties: RCW 2.32.050.
Dissolution of inactive port districts: Chapter 53.47 RCW.
Electronic copies as evidence, clerk to certify: RCW 5.52.050.
Execution docket, clerk to keep: RCW 4.64.060.
Judgment journal, clerk to keep: RCW 4.64.030.
Lien foreclosure, clerk's duties: Chapter 84.64 RCW.
Oaths, clerk may administer: RCW 5.28.010.
Official bonds filed with: RCW 42.08.100.
Registration of land titles, clerk's duties: Chapter 65.12 RCW.
Support of dependent children, clerk to charge no fees in connection with: RCW 74.20.300.
Tax warrants, clerk's duties: Chapter 82.32 RCW.
Veterans, clerk to furnish documents for free: RCW 73.04.120.
Witness fees and expenses, civil proceedings, clerk's duties: Chapter 2.40 RCW, RCW 5.56.010.