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Liability insurance for officers and employees of municipal corporations and political subdivisions authorized.

Any board of commissioners, council, or board of directors or other governing board of any county, city, town, school district, port district, public utility district, water-sewer district, irrigation district, or other municipal corporation or political subdivision is authorized to purchase insurance to protect and hold personally harmless any of its commissioners, councilmembers, directors, or other governing board members, and any of its other officers, employees, and agents from any action, claim, or proceeding instituted against the foregoing individuals arising out of the performance, purported performance, or failure of performance, in good faith of duties for, or employment with, such institutions and to hold these individuals harmless from any expenses connected with the defense, settlement, or monetary judgments from such actions, claims, or proceedings. The purchase of such insurance for any of the foregoing individuals and the policy limits shall be discretionary with the municipal corporation or political subdivision, and such insurance shall not be considered to be compensation for these individuals.
The provisions of this section are cumulative and in addition to any other provision of law authorizing any municipal corporation or political subdivision to purchase liability insurance.


Part headings not law1999 c 153: See note following RCW 57.04.050.
Liability insurance for officers and employees authorized: RCW 28A.400.360, 28B.10.660, 35.21.205, 52.12.071, 53.08.205, 54.16.095, 57.08.105, and 87.03.162.
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