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(1) A marine resources committee, as described in RCW 36.125.010, may be created by the legislative authority of any county bordering the marine waters of the outer coast or Puget Sound, in cooperation with all appropriate cities and special districts within their boundaries. Adjacent county legislative authorities shall coordinate their efforts whenever there is a mutual interest in creating a marine resources committee.
(2) A county may delegate the management and oversight of a marine resources committee created by the county under RCW 36.125.010 to a city, or cities, within its jurisdiction, if the city or cities are located on the marine waters of the outer coast or southern Puget Sound and are willing to accept the delegation.
(3)(a) Participating county legislative authorities must select members of the marine resources committee, ensuring balanced representation from: Local government; local residents; scientific experts; affected economic interests; affected recreational interests; and environmental and conservation interests. Additionally, participating county legislative authorities must invite tribal representatives to participate in the marine resources committee.
(b) In lieu of creating a new entity, participating county legislative authorities may designate a lead entity created under RCW 77.85.050 to also serve as a marine resources committee. County legislative authorities may only make this designation where the lead entity consents in writing to also serve as a marine resources committee.
(c) An initiating county may delegate its appointment authority to a city or cities that have received from the county the delegated responsibilities of managing and overseeing the marine resources committee.
(4) County residents may petition the county legislative authority to create a marine resources committee. Upon receipt of a petition, the county legislative authority must respond in writing within sixty days as to whether they will authorize the creation of a marine resources committee as well as the reasons for their decision.


FindingsIntent2008 c 242: "The legislature finds that Washington's coastal and ocean resources provide vital economic, recreation, transportation, and cultural benefits to the state. The legislature seeks to continue recent state and local efforts to preserve and enhance the state's coastal and ocean resources, such as the work of the Washington ocean policy work group and the state's existing marine resources committees.
The legislature finds that outer coast marine resources committees, authorized by the legislature in 2007, provide a mechanism for communities to discuss and develop solutions for the issues facing coastal resources and communities. However, additional state investments are necessary to allow outer coast marine resources committees to fulfill their full potential. Therefore, the legislature intends by this act to provide additional support and resources for outer coast marine resources committees in order to benefit the coastal and ocean resources of Washington." [ 2008 c 242 § 1.]
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