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Unless the context clearly requires otherwise, the definitions in this section apply throughout this chapter.
(1) "City" means a city or town, including a city operating under Title 35A RCW.
(2) "Governmental service" includes a service provided by local government, and any facilities and equipment related to the provision of such services, including but not limited to utility services, health services, social services, law enforcement services, fire prevention and suppression services, community development activities, environmental protection activities, economic development activities, and transportation services and facilities, but shall not include the generation, conservation, or distribution of electrical energy nor maritime shipping activities.
(3) "Regional service" means a governmental service established by agreement among local governments that delineates the government entity or entities responsible for the service provision and allows for that delivery to extend over jurisdictional boundaries.
(4) "Local government" means a county, city, or special district.
(5) "Service agreement" means an agreement among counties, cities, and special districts established pursuant to this chapter.
(6) "Special district" means a municipal or quasi-municipal corporation in the state, other than a county, city, or school district.
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