Chapter 36.110 RCW



HTMLPDF 36.110.010FindingPurpose, intent.
HTMLPDF 36.110.020Definitions.
HTMLPDF 36.110.030Board of directors establishedMembership.
HTMLPDF 36.110.050Local advisory groups.
HTMLPDF 36.110.060Board of directorsDuties.
HTMLPDF 36.110.070Board of directors may receive funds, establish fee schedule.
HTMLPDF 36.110.080Board of directorsMeetingsTermsCompensation.
HTMLPDF 36.110.085Board of directorsImmunity.
HTMLPDF 36.110.090City or county special revenue funds.
HTMLPDF 36.110.100Comprehensive work programs.
HTMLPDF 36.110.110Deductions from offenders' earnings.
HTMLPDF 36.110.120Free venture industries, tax reduction industriesEmployment status of inmatesInsurance coverage.
HTMLPDF 36.110.130Free venture industry agreementsEffect of failure.
HTMLPDF 36.110.140Education and training.
HTMLPDF 36.110.150Department of corrections to provide staff assistance.
HTMLPDF 36.110.160Technical training assistance.