Chapter 35A.35 RCW



35A.35.010Joint facilities and agreements.
35A.35.020Demonstration Cities and Metropolitan Development ActAuthority to contract with federal government.

Joint facilities and agreements.

In addition to exercising all authority granted to cities of any class for joint or intergovernmental cooperation and activity and agreements for the acquisition, ownership, leasing, control, improvement, occupation and use of land or other property with a county, another city, or governmental agency, and in addition to authority granted to code cities by RCW 35A.11.040, every code city may exercise the powers relating to jails, places of detention, civic centers, civic halls and armories as is authorized by chapters 36.64 and 38.20 RCW.

Demonstration Cities and Metropolitan Development Act—Authority to contract with federal government.

See RCW 35.21.660.