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Cities over one hundred fifty thousand, joint undertaking with P.U.D. as to electric utility propertiesFinancing.

Any city or town and any public utility district cooperating under the provisions of RCW 35.92.280 through 35.92.310 may, without an election or other proceedings under any existing law, contribute money and property, both real and personal, to any joint undertaking pursuant hereto, and may issue and sell revenue bonds to pay its respective share of the costs of acquisition and construction of such electric utility properties. Such bonds shall be issued under the provisions of applicable laws authorizing the issuance of revenue bonds for the acquisition and construction of electric public utility properties by cities, towns and public utility districts, as the case may be.


Revenue bonds and warrants issued by
cities and towns to finance acquisition of public utilities: RCW 35.92.100.
public utility districts: Chapter 54.24 RCW.
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