Chapter 35.88 RCW



HTMLPDF 35.88.010Authority over sources of supply.
HTMLPDF 35.88.020Enforcement of ordinanceSpecial police.
HTMLPDF 35.88.030Pollution declared to be a nuisanceAbatement.
HTMLPDF 35.88.040Pollution as criminal nuisancePunishment.
HTMLPDF 35.88.050ProsecutionTrialAbatement of nuisance.
HTMLPDF 35.88.060Health officers and mayor must enforce.
HTMLPDF 35.88.070Injunction proceeding.
HTMLPDF 35.88.080Inland cities over one hundred thousandDischarge of sewage and other discharges prohibitedNuisance.
HTMLPDF 35.88.090Inland cities over one hundred thousandInvestigation of disposal systems by secretary of social and health services.


Furnishing impure water: RCW 70.54.020.
Pollution of watershed or source of drinking water: RCW 70.54.010, 70.54.030.
Sewerage improvement districts: Chapter 85.08 RCW.
Water-sewer districts: Title 57 RCW.