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Ordinance to establishAdoptionContents.

If the legislative authority, following the hearing, decides to establish the proposed area, it shall adopt an ordinance to that effect. This ordinance shall contain the following information:
(1) The number, date and title of the resolution of intention pursuant to which it was adopted;
(2) The time and place the hearing was held concerning the formation of such area;
(3) The description of the boundaries of such area;
(4) A statement that the businesses and multifamily residential or mixed-use projects in the area established by the ordinance shall be subject to the provisions of the special assessments authorized by RCW 35.87A.010;
(5) The initial or additional rate or levy of special assessment to be imposed with a breakdown by classification of business and multifamily residential or mixed-use project, if such classification is used; and
(6) A statement that a parking and business improvement area has been established.
(7) The uses to which the special assessment revenue shall be put. Uses shall conform to the uses as declared in the initiation petition presented pursuant to RCW 35.87A.030.
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