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Alternative financing methodsParticipation in or creation of assessment reimbursement area by county, city, town, or department of transportationEligibility for reimbursement.

(1) As an alternative to financing projects under this chapter solely by owners of real estate, a county, city, or town may join in the financing of improvement projects and may be reimbursed in the same manner as the owners of real estate who participate in the projects, if the county, city, or town has specified the conditions of its participation in an ordinance. As another alternative, a county, city, or town may create an assessment reimbursement area on its own initiative, without the participation of a private property owner, finance the costs of the road or street improvements, and become the sole beneficiary of the reimbursements that are contributed. A county, city, or town may be reimbursed only for the costs of improvements that benefit that portion of the public who will use the developments within the assessment reimbursement area established pursuant to RCW 35.72.040(1). No county, city, or town costs for improvements that benefit the general public may be reimbursed.
(2) The department of transportation may, for state highways, participate with the owners of real estate or may be the sole participant in the financing of improvement projects, in the same manner and subject to the same restrictions as provided for counties, cities, and towns, in subsection (1) of this section. The department shall enter into agreements whereby the appropriate county, city, or town shall act as an agent of the department in administering this chapter.
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