Chapter 35.71 RCW



HTMLPDF 35.71.010Definitions.
HTMLPDF 35.71.020Establishment declared public purposeAuthority to establishGeneral powers.
HTMLPDF 35.71.030Resolution of intentionTraffic limitationProperty owner's right of ingress and egress.
HTMLPDF 35.71.040PlanAlternate vehicle routesOff-street parkingHearing, notice.
HTMLPDF 35.71.050Real estate appraisersReport.
HTMLPDF 35.71.060Financing methods.
HTMLPDF 35.71.070Waivers and quitclaim deedsRights in right-of-way.
HTMLPDF 35.71.080Vacating, replatting right-of-way for mall purposes.
HTMLPDF 35.71.090"Mall organization"Powers in generalDirectorsOfficers.
HTMLPDF 35.71.100Special assessment.
HTMLPDF 35.71.110Claims for damages.
HTMLPDF 35.71.120Contracts with mall organization for administrationConflicting charter provisions.
HTMLPDF 35.71.130Election to discontinue mallOrdinanceOutstanding obligationsRestoration to former status.
HTMLPDF 35.71.910Chapter controls inconsistent laws.