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CreationTerritory included.

A metropolitan park district may be created for the management, control, improvement, maintenance, and acquisition of parks, parkways, boulevards, and recreational facilities. A metropolitan park district may include territory located in portions or all of one or more cities or counties, or one or more cities and counties, when created or enlarged as provided in this chapter.


Validating1943 c 264: "Acts of Metropolitan Park District Commissioners, and of the officers, employees and agents of Metropolitan Park Districts heretofore performed in good faith in accordance with the statutes which are hereby reenacted, are hereby validated, and all assessments, levies and collections and all proceedings to assess, levy and collect as well as all debts, contracts and obligations heretofore made or incurred by or in favor of any Metropolitan Park District heretofore at any time existing and all bonds or other obligations thereof are hereby declared to be legal and valid and of full force and effect." [ 1943 c 264 § 23.]
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