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Cooperation between municipalitiesUse of facilities after conclusion of fair or expositionIntergovernmental disposition of property.

In any case where the participation of a municipality includes the construction of buildings or other structures on lands of another municipality, the governing authorities constructing such buildings or structures shall endeavor to cooperate with such other municipality for the construction and maintenance of such buildings or structures to a standard of health and safety common in the county where the world fair or exposition is being or will be held; and shall cooperate with such other municipality in any comprehensive plans it may promulgate for the general construction and maintenance of said world fair or exposition and utilization of the grounds and buildings or structures after the conclusion of such world fair or exposition to the end that a reasonable, economic use of said buildings or structures shall be returned for the life of said buildings or structures.
The governing authorities of any municipality are hereby authorized and empowered to sell, exchange, transfer, lease or otherwise dispose of any property, real or personal, acquired or constructed for the purpose of participation in such fair or exposition, in accordance with the provisions of RCW 39.33.010.
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