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Powers relative to garbage disposal.

If a metropolitan municipal corporation shall be authorized to perform the function of metropolitan garbage disposal, it shall have the following powers in addition to the general powers granted by this chapter:
(1) To prepare a comprehensive garbage disposal plan for the metropolitan area.
(2) To acquire by purchase, condemnation, gift, or grant and to lease, construct, add to, improve, replace, repair, maintain, operate and regulate the use of metropolitan facilities for garbage disposal within or without the metropolitan area, including garbage disposal sites, central collection station sites, structures, machinery and equipment for the operation of central collection stations and for the hauling and disposal of garbage by any means, together with all lands, property, equipment and accessories necessary for such facilities. Garbage disposal facilities which are owned by a city or county may be acquired or used by the metropolitan municipal corporation only with the consent of the legislative body of the city or county owning such facilities. Cities and counties are hereby authorized to convey or lease such facilities to metropolitan municipal corporations or to contract for their joint use on such terms as may be fixed by agreement between the legislative body of such city or county and the metropolitan council, without submitting the matter to the voters of such city or county.
(3) To fix rates and charges for the use of metropolitan garbage disposal facilities.
(4) With the consent of any component city, to acquire by purchase, condemnation, gift or grant and to lease, construct, add to, improve, replace, repair, maintain, operate and regulate the use of facilities for the local collection of garbage within such city, and for such purpose to have all the powers conferred by law upon such city with respect to such local collection facilities. Nothing herein contained shall be deemed to authorize the local collection of garbage except in component cities. All costs of such local collection facilities shall be paid for by the area served thereby.
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