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Independent financial feasibility reviewWhen requiredPublic document.

(1) An independent financial feasibility review under this section is required to be performed prior to any of the following events:
(a) The formation of a public facilities district under this chapter;
(b) The issuance of any indebtedness, excluding the issuance of obligations to refund or replace such indebtedness, by a public facilities district under this chapter; or
(c) The long-term lease, purchase, or development of a facility under RCW 35.57.020.
(2) The independent financial feasibility review required by this section must be conducted by the department of commerce through the municipal research and services center under RCW 43.110.030 or under a contract with another entity under the authority of RCW 43.110.080. The review must examine the potential costs to be incurred by the public facility [facilities] district and the adequacy of revenues or expected revenues to meet those costs. The cost of the independent financial feasibility review must be borne by the public facility [facilities] district or the local government proposing to form a public facility [facilities] district.
(3) The independent financial feasibility review, upon completion, must be a public document and must be submitted to the governor, the state treasurer, the state auditor, the public facility [facilities] district and participating local political subdivisions, and appropriate committees of the legislature.
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