Chapter 35.54 RCW



HTMLPDF 35.54.010Establishment.
HTMLPDF 35.54.020Rules and regulations.
HTMLPDF 35.54.030SourceInterest and earnings.
HTMLPDF 35.54.040SourceSubrogation rights to assessments.
HTMLPDF 35.54.050SourceSurplus from improvement funds.
HTMLPDF 35.54.060SourceTaxation.
HTMLPDF 35.54.070Use of fundPurchase of bonds, coupons and warrants.
HTMLPDF 35.54.080Use of fundPurchase of general tax certificates or property on or after foreclosureDisposition.
HTMLPDF 35.54.090Warrants against fund.
HTMLPDF 35.54.095Transfer of assets to general fundWhen authorizedPayment of claims as general obligation, when.
HTMLPDF 35.54.100Deferral of collection of assessments for economically disadvantaged personsPayment from guaranty fundLienPayment dates for deferred obligations.
HTMLPDF 35.54.900ConstructionChapter applicable to state registered domestic partnerships2009 c 521.