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Deferral of collection of assessments for economically disadvantaged personsAuthorized.

Any city of the first class in this state ordering any local improvement upon which shall be levied and collected special assessments on property specifically benefited thereby may provide as part of the ordinance creating any local improvement district that the collection of any assessment levied therefor may be deferred until a time previous to the dissolution of the district for those economically disadvantaged property owners or other persons who, under the terms of a recorded contract of purchase, recorded mortgage, recorded deed of trust transaction or recorded lease are responsible under penalty of forfeiture, foreclosure or default as between vendor/vendee, mortgagor/mortgagee, grantor and trustor/trustee and grantee, and beneficiary and lendor, or lessor and lessee for the payment of local improvement district assessments, and in the manner specified in the ordinance qualify for such deferment, upon assurance of property security for the payment thereof.


Severability1972 ex.s. c 137: See note following RCW 35.49.010.
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