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Additional powersAmbulances and first aid equipment.

A second-class city, where commercial ambulance service is not readily available, shall have the power:
(1) To authorize the operation of municipally-owned ambulances which may serve the city and may serve for emergencies surrounding rural areas;
(2) To authorize the operation of other municipally-owned first aid equipment which may serve the city and surrounding rural areas;
(3) To contract with the county or with another municipality for emergency use of city-owned ambulances or other first aid equipment: PROVIDED, That the county or other municipality shall contribute at least the cost of maintenance and operation of the equipment attributable to its use thereof; and
(4) To provide that such ambulance service may be used to transport persons in need of emergency hospital care to hospitals beyond the city limits.
The council may, in its discretion, make a charge for the service authorized by this section: PROVIDED, That such ambulance service shall not enter into competition or competitive bidding where private ambulance service is available.
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