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Liability for violations of RCW 35.22.580 or 35.22.590.

Any ordinance, resolution, order or other action of any city council, board or officer, and every city warrant or other instrument in writing made in violation of any of the provisions of RCW 35.22.580 or 35.22.590 shall be void, and every officer, agent or employee of any such city, or member of the city council, or other board thereof, and every private person or corporation who knowingly commits any violation thereof or knowingly aids in such violation, shall be liable to the city concerned for all moneys so transferred, diverted or paid out, which liability shall also attach to and be enforceable against the official bond (if any) of any such officer, agent, employee, member of city council or board.
[ 1965 c 7 § 35.22.600. Prior: 1915 c 17 § 3; RRS § 8985. Formerly RCW 35.45.120.]
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