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Solid waste handling systemContracts.

A city or town may by ordinance provide for the establishment of a system or systems of solid waste handling for the entire city or town or for portions thereof. A city or town may provide for solid waste handling by or under the direction of officials and employees of the city or town or may award contracts for any service related to solid waste handling including contracts entered into under RCW 35.21.152. Contracts for solid waste handling may provide that a city or town provide for a minimum periodic fee or other method of compensation in consideration of the operational availability of a solid waste handling system, plant, site, or other facility at a specified minimum level, without regard to the ownership of the system, plant, site, or other facility, or the amount of solid waste actually handled during all or any part of the contract period. When a minimum level of solid waste is specified in a contract for solid waste handling, there shall be a specific allocation of financial responsibility in the event the amount of solid waste handled falls below the minimum level provided in the contract.
As used in this chapter, the terms "solid waste" and "solid waste handling" shall be as defined in RCW 70A.205.015.
[ 2020 c 20 § 1005; 1989 c 399 § 1; 1986 c 282 § 18; 1965 c 7 § 35.21.120. Prior: 1943 c 270 § 1, part; Rem. Supp. 1943 § 9504-1, part.]


SeverabilityLegislative findingsConstructionLiberal constructionSupplemental powers1986 c 282: See notes following RCW 35.21.156.
Contracts with vendors for solid waste handling: RCW 35.21.156.
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