Chapter 35.20 RCW



HTMLPDF 35.20.010Municipal court establishedTermination of courtAgreement covering costs of handling resulting criminal casesArbitrationNotice.
HTMLPDF 35.20.020SessionsJudges may act as magistratesNight court.
HTMLPDF 35.20.030JurisdictionMaximum penalties for criminal violationsReviewCosts.
HTMLPDF 35.20.090Trial by juryJuror's fees.
HTMLPDF 35.20.100Departments of courtJurisdiction and venuePresiding judgeCosts of election.
HTMLPDF 35.20.105Court administrator.
HTMLPDF 35.20.110Seal of courtExtent of process.
HTMLPDF 35.20.120Expenses of court.
HTMLPDF 35.20.131Director of traffic violations.
HTMLPDF 35.20.140Monthly meeting of judgesRules and regulations of court.
HTMLPDF 35.20.150Election of judgesVacancies.
HTMLPDF 35.20.155Municipal court commissionersAppointment, powers.
HTMLPDF 35.20.160Judges' salaries.
HTMLPDF 35.20.170Qualifications of judgesPractice of law prohibited.
HTMLPDF 35.20.175Judicial officersDisqualification.
HTMLPDF 35.20.180Judges' oath of office, official bonds.
HTMLPDF 35.20.190Additional judge.
HTMLPDF 35.20.200Judges pro tempore.
HTMLPDF 35.20.205Judicial officersHearing examiner.
HTMLPDF 35.20.210Clerks of court.
HTMLPDF 35.20.220Powers and duties of chief clerkRemittance by city treasurerInterestDisposition.
HTMLPDF 35.20.230Director of probation servicesProbation officersBailiffs.
HTMLPDF 35.20.240First judgesTransfer of equipment.
HTMLPDF 35.20.250Concurrent jurisdiction with superior court and district court.
HTMLPDF 35.20.255Deferral or suspension of sentencesProbationMaximum termTransfer to another state.
HTMLPDF 35.20.258SentencingCrimes against propertyCriminal history check.
HTMLPDF 35.20.260SubpoenasWitness fees.
HTMLPDF 35.20.270Service of criminal and civil processJurisdictionCosts.
HTMLPDF 35.20.280City trial court improvement accountContribution by city to accountUse of funds.
HTMLPDF 35.20.290Applicability of courts open to all act.
HTMLPDF 35.20.910Construction of other laws.


Rules of court: See Rules for Appeal of Decisions of Courts of Limited Jurisdiction (RALJ).
Courts of limited jurisdiction: Title 3 RCW.
Courts of record: Title 2 RCW.
Rights of accused: State Constitution Art. 1 § 22 (Amendment 10).