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Transfer of county sheriff's employeesWhen authorized.

When any portion of an unincorporated area of a county is to be annexed or incorporated into a city, code city, or town, any employee of the sheriff's office of the county may transfer his or her employment to the police department of the city, code city, or town as provided in RCW 35.13.360 through 35.13.400 if the employee: (1) Was, at the time the annexation or incorporation occurred, employed exclusively or principally in performing the powers, duties, and functions of the county sheriff's office; (2) will, as a direct consequence of the annexation or incorporation, be separated from the employ of the county; and (3) can perform the duties and meets the city's, code city's or town's minimum standards and qualifications of the position to be filled within their police department.
Nothing in this section or RCW 35.13.380 requires a city, code city, or town to accept the voluntary transfer of employment of a person who will not be laid off due to his or her seniority status.
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