Chapter 35.101 RCW



HTMLPDF 35.101.010Definitions.
HTMLPDF 35.101.020EstablishmentPetition.
HTMLPDF 35.101.030Resolution of intention to establish areaHearing.
HTMLPDF 35.101.040Limitations on area includedInterlocal agreements.
HTMLPDF 35.101.050Lodging chargeLimitations.
HTMLPDF 35.101.052Lodging chargeContract for administration and collection of by department of revenue.
HTMLPDF 35.101.055Lodging chargeExemption for temporary medical housing.
HTMLPDF 35.101.057Lodging chargeAdditional charge.
HTMLPDF 35.101.058Lodging chargeAdditional chargeProgram review.
HTMLPDF 35.101.060Notice of hearing.
HTMLPDF 35.101.070Conduct of hearingTermination of proceedings.
HTMLPDF 35.101.080Establishment of areaOrdinance.
HTMLPDF 35.101.090Administration, collection of lodging charge.
HTMLPDF 35.101.100Local tourism promotion account created.
HTMLPDF 35.101.110Charges are in addition to special assessments.
HTMLPDF 35.101.120Charges are not a tax on sale of lodging.
HTMLPDF 35.101.130Legislative authority has sole discretion concerning use for tourism promotionContracts for operation of areaLodging charge removal.
HTMLPDF 35.101.140Disestablishment of areaHearingResolution.